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The Hummingbird:

I believe that we live in a naturally beautiful world, with an unlimited supply of energy, miracles, mystical phenomena, hidden treasures, and pure magic, all of which is available to us every single day. There are trillions of magnificent beings that reside alongside us humans, but in my opinion, when it comes to the epitome of joy, natural beauty, strength, and love, Hummingbirds immediately come to mind. These magical creatures soar through the air, appearing as tiny little sparks of iridescent light, fluttering their wings like synchronized swimmers; so small, yet so incredibly strong, resilient and independent. They grace us with their undeniable zest for life, marching to the beat of their own drum, making no apologies for it. They encourage us to nourish our souls with the sweetness of life, like the nectar they drink from a flower, and to lift any heavy burdens and stressors we have weighing on our hearts. They bestow upon us their wisdom to be more present, flexible and open to unexpected experiences and challenges that are opportunities for growth in disguise.

There is always a soul lesson to be learned, a truth to be discovered, and a gift hidden underneath the challenges that we face. The spirit of the Hummingbird reminds us that we are energetic beings already filled with an infinite amount of strength, love and light that is waiting to be re-discovered, embodied, and released into the world. We can call upon the power of the Hummingbird to help us find this inner strength and courage, to love ourselves and others through our discomforts and challenges, and ultimately to live a life of wholeness.


Success Story <3

OMG, where do I begin??!! Christine, has been an ABSOLUTE pleasure to work with! I’ve always had issues with sticking to a healthy diet or simply remembering to eat, period. However, since working with Christine, I’ve fallen in love with clean eating. It has truly been a lifestyle change and I’m NOT going back to my old habits! She gives tasty suggestions and understands that changing eating habits is sometimes a difficult process. She’s even helped me with my body image issues. Learning to love myself has been a TASK, but I’ve found a great coach to help me through it all! Just when I’m ready to give up, Christine is right there guiding me back to love.”  

Caira M., Queens, NY




Hummingbird Food | Mind Body Wholeness Coach

Hi, I’m Christine!

I’m a Body Image + Self-Love Advocate with an extraordinary passion to help those in search of their Wholeness.

Welcome to the magical and deliciously sweet world of hummingbird food!